Cancelation Policy

There may be situations where you may want to or we may need to cancel your order.


Payment via PayPal or Direct Deposit was unsuccessful. Your order will not be processed and we will contact you to complete your order if possible. Please be informed that PayPal may put your payment on hold if your transaction has triggered any of their security precautions. Such cases are beyond our control, please feel free to ask us for alternative solutions.


If your order has not been processed and dispatched within 3 business days due to unforeseen reasons (including the ordered item being out of stock), you may choose to wait until the product is available again or you may cancel your order. If you choose the latter, we will void your payment authorization made at the time of purchase and there will be no charges made to your account or your credit cards. If you have paid via Direct Deposit, we will give you a full refund through the same bank that was used to transfer funds to us.

Please note that should you wish to cancel your order in one of the following circumstances, approval will be solely at our discretion:

  • If your order has started processing
  • If your order has been processed
  • If your order has already been Shipped or Dispatched from our warehouse when we read your cancelation
  • If the order has been delivered to the delivery address
Please note that in all of these circumstances, you still retain the right to return your order under our return policy, but the order cannot be canceled.

If you wish to cancel you order right after you have placed it, please contact us immediately. Our support hours are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will be happy to help.