Finally!  The gizmo gods have created a flying camera that's as compact as a water bottle yet captures the world perfectly—your world.  Ít's made to befriend your grip but trust me, they did not skimp on the good stuff.  The DJI Mavic Pro was made for your adventures and it's purse-perfect.    

So what's really the deal with this scene-stopper device?  Well, it's only the coolest, smallest and smartest drone you'll ever get your hands on. 

Not that it will be in your hand for the most part.  You wouldn’t dare leave its features to dust. 

Yes, it's the smallest and lightest quad-copter released to date measuring 3.27 x 7.8 x 3.27 inches and weighing only 743 g, but its got all the goodies of its predecessors.  From front- and bottom-mounted sensors to built-in obstacle avoidance to self-piloted return landings.  But more on that later.  Let's first soak up the fact that's it's unbelievably compact and how it's insanely simple to operate.  Thanks to its new folding design, all you have to do is extend its four legs, take off its protective camera plastic cover and you're good to go! 

Though the Mavic Pro has a slightly lower speed at 65 kph than the Phantom 4 with a maximum speed of 72 kph, it's still designed to fly steadily against winds blowing as fast as 39 kph even with its smaller frame.   

Now, more of the good stuff.  The Mavic Pro comes with a camera that captures sharp 12 MP images, records 1080p footage at 96 fps (with Facebook, YouTube or Periscope live stream options at 30 fps) or 4k videos at 30 fps. You may not take the camera off due to its non-removable gimbal, but you can turn the camera 90-degrees, capture a 78.8-degree field of view and focus as closely as 19 inches. 

These camera specs beat other competitors in an instant.  Well, close competitors don't even come with a camera, so technically there's no competition.   

I guess that automatically puts the Mavic Pro on the lead. 

As for the range, you'll be able to stay connected to the Mavic Pro for up to 7 km away with a flight time of up to 27 minutes.   

Far from usual intimidating drone control, the Mavic Pro also features controls that are just as compact with a similar folding design and friendly to newbies.  Its built-in screen displays the drone's speed, distance, altitude and orientation.   

For real-time visuals though, you'll need to connect to your smartphone or to the all new DJI Goggles headset that allows you to see through the drone's eyes in an 85-degree view at 1080p.    

And if those controls aren't convenient enough for you, you can simply control the Mavic Pro on your smartphone or even with your gestures alone.   How awesome is that?  Just a simple wave will get your drone's attention, make out a  "Y" with your arms for it to focus on you and draw a photo frame in the air with your fingers to get it to take your aerial selfie! 

What's more? You can have the Mavic Pro follow you or any subject as it moves. Clingy as it is with a single command, it can also fly on its own to whichever location you tap on. It even avoids obstacles on its own! 

Now you can travel solo, cover the entirety of your adventure and actually be in your shots. 

The Verdict: The DJI Mavic Pro is the drone to beatIts size alone is a game-changer in a world of miniature helicopters plus it's more affordable than its competitors even with the addition of a camera.  Top it off with easy and smart controls and newbies (even pros) are in for a treat!

Eager to experience endless cinematic capabilities with this tiny killer drone? So are we! The DJI Mavic Pro will be available for pre-order at VentureDirect very soon.  Hang in there, we'll keep you posted.

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