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Oh it's a big deal and you know it! The most-awaited iPhone 7 has definitely taken the world by storm and anyone who's anyone is already in the scene with one at hand.

If you haven't already heard, Apple finally decided to make the changes we've all been waiting for. These changes range from once-you-get-the-hang-of-it-it's-actually-awesome to secretly-better-than-apple-claims-it-to-be (hint: water resistant or water-proof)?

Let's get right to the latter because it's about time they addressed our perennial need to run in the rain, or realistically speaking, one of the most common mishaps: the pocket-to-toilet phone free-fall.

So how water-resistant is the iPhone 7?

Well, the iPhone 7 is rated IP67 which means that it's completely dust-resistant and can handle up to 1 meter of plunge underwater for 30 minutes before it begins to cause some problems—or so they claim. Rumor has it that iPhone 7 is actually water-proof based on tests made by consumers. I wouldn’t bet my life on it. What we're sure of is that the iPhone 7 holds up pretty well to water exposure and it's enough to drop the numbers of accidental water damages.

So no, this is not a go-signal to go swimming with your new iPhone 7.

Another major change they made was with the Home button, which is actually no longer a button. Say hello to Apple's new Taptic Engine! Its haptic feedback was made to mimic the feel of a button and allows you to customize how 'clicky' you want it to feel so that you know you've actually pressed the button. iPhone 7's new Taptic Home button opens the door to 3D Touch, allowing you to control multiple pressure-sensitive apps which you'll be seeing a lot in iOS 10.

What you won't be seeing a lot, or what you won't be seeing at all, rather, is Apple's 3.5 mm jack, which is a pretty bold move by Apple. So instead of the classic headphones, you'll be getting the new set of Bluetooth AirPods by Beats, which wirelessly connects to your iPhone 7 via Bluetooth, allowing you to enjoy hands-free tasks. If you're not one to jump on the bandwagon of setting the tone for a more wireless iPhone future, don't worry! Apple has included an adapter along with the iPhone 7 which still allows you to use your old headphones.


One change I'm sure everyone's happy about, though, is iPhone 7's camera upgrade which gives you impressive zooming capabilities thanks to its dual camera on the back. Also, with the addition of optical image stabilization and wider f1.8-aperture lens, you can now take significantly better photos even with shaky hands and low light. Plus its 12 MP sensors and Quad-LED True Tone flash gives you brighter, more vibrant shots. The front-facing camera got an upgrade, too, bumping it up to 7 MP, giving your selfies a whole new life.

With all these upgrades and even with the iPhone 7's new Retina HD display, which supports a wide colour gamut, giving you a colour spectrum representative of the real world, the iPhone 7's battery will not fail you. Apple's new A10 Fusion gives you two high-performance cores, which means it's more efficient, faster than its predecessors and gives you longer battery life.

The Verdict: The iPhone 7's water-resistance, notable camera improvement and battery life make a pretty strong case for an upgrade and unless you get a hold of either of the two new finishes, the matte black or the glossy jet black, the iPhone 7 gives a seemingly familiar design but will definitely wow you with a whole new set of impressive features.

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