Not everyday do you wake up with your game face on just ready to look your fitness goal in the eye. Truth of the matter is, some days really do call for lighter activities or even holding off on the workout altogether. But most days are mind games. It's time to make intelligent fitness decisions with the king of fitness trackers and your best motivator yet, the Jaybird Reign.

Not only does the Jaybird Reign monitor your daily activities and perform all the duties of your quintessential fitness tracker, it actually gets to know your body. This Active Recovery Band understands when your body is fatigued or recovered by measuring your HRV (Heart Rate Variability), which is truly the star of the show. It also automatically detects and evaluates your daily activities, sports and sleep patterns and encourages you to get moving or snoozing based on the aforementioned data.

You may not always be thrilled with the honesty, but your body will be.

Unique to the Jaybird Reign is a feature called the Go-Zone. This reads your body and tells you how active you should be throughout the day. Together with the app, you can measure your Go Zone Score by pressing down on the tracker's LEDs with your index finger, which then presses down to your wrist. The app counts down to 2 minutes while the band measures your heart rate variability. Based on your 10-day HRV record, the band can tell if your body is a little bit off or if you're ready for another intense workout.

I know what you're thinking. How can such a small piece of wearable possibly house an ECG machine? Well, why not? The Reign pod has two metal sensors which pick up the electric signals of your heart and are connected to an ECG accurate biosensor chip also within the pod. These ECG biosensors are able to turn your heart's electrical signals into accurate heart rate and Heart Rate Variability data.

Other than taking your Go-Zone Score, the Jaybird pretty much functions on its own as it automatically tracks the rest of your activities. Be it walking, running, cycling, swimming or sleeping, the Jaybird Reign has you covered.

Oh, and yes, swimming! The Jaybird Reign is completely waterproof, allowing you to consider taking those lapses as part of your full body workout. The Reign is not approved for snorkelling or diving, though. So be reminded to take it off when you decided to enjoy the deep waters.

As for cycling, the Reign comes with a bike anklet for better, more accurate tracking. It also comes with different band extenders to give you the perfect fit, allowing you to focus more on your goals and less on adjusting.

Speaking of goals, if you haven't already noticed, the Reign encourages goal setting and is all about pushing you forward to achieve those goals. All your hard work translates to activity points that contribute to your overall activity score, which is calculated when you input how often you exercise each week into the app. You can change your goals any time depending on how much you would like to challenge yourself.

The Verdict: While even the simplest of fitness bands are already helpful in tracking your fitness activities, the Jaybird Reign goes above and beyond counting your steps and pushes you to your limits—the safest, most objective way possible. I say the Reign's unique features, specifically its capability to monitor heart rate variability, is of high importance and plays a huge role in understanding our body's needs and should be the new standard feature for all fitness trackers. That said, the Jaybird Reign is your best bet in the world of wearables.

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